10:12 Servant Leaders Take on D.C.

As the 10:12 Basketball Mentoring Program wraps up, 15 participants have reason to celebrate.  These young men have successfully completed the first class of our Servant Leaders Captains Program and effectively led their respective teams as captains.  Learning about our 4 tenants of servant leadership: Model, Advocate, Sacrifice, Serve, this team has sought to implement and evaluate those values, while engaging in an experiential lesson in each.

This particular Sunday our leadership team got a chance to travel to D.C.  While in D.C. teens got a chance to visit the Historic “Ben’s Chili Bowl” and meet with the original co-founder/owner Virginia Ali.  Not only did they get a chance to hear her story, but also to observe lessons in Modeling, Sacrificing, and Serving, as she cleaned the bathroom and wiped down food trays.

Servant Leaders ended their night celebrating their leadership accomplishments by enjoying a Wizards game from the box suite.  This group was grateful for this unique experience, and it is sure to be something that they’ll remember for a long time.

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