Letter from the Executive Director


My Instructor…Teaching me Through Trauma

“I just called you to pray.” Those words, as pure and Godly as they were, felt like a slap in the face.  He might as well have told me to “shut up.”  As inopportune as they were to my ego, they were life-giving to my soul, and exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.
You see, Terry had just called me, with a not so happy message.  “They were shooting at our house Coach Jeff.  Could you pray for us?”  This incident happened right in front of Terry’s house and was a result of an unfortunate situation which left a group of young folks mad at Terry’s family, leading to bullets flying through the window.  Terry and his family had managed to leave the house, but would not return.  Upon hearing his story, and his desire for prayer, my mind started racing back and forth thinking about what I could do to help this situation.  “How could I save the day?” I thought.  I sat quietly, pondering what I could say that would make this all better. (Because I MUST contain what he needs, right?)  Not even having had time to pray through what I would say, I started spewing out solutions.  After about 2 minutes of endless suggestions, Terry uttered the words I’ll never forget “Coach Jeff, I just called you to pray.”
After praying with Terry for a couple of minutes and ending the conversation, I started to realize the magnitude of Terry’s request.

At that moment, Terry was convinced what he and his family needed went far beyond my capacities and abilities.  He needed to plug into the Source, the One who holds the waters in the palm of His hand, but yet SEES all things.  The One who hears the cries of His children and answers. The One who is all-powerful and ever present, EVERYWHERE, at all times.  So when I got over myself, I was more than happy to take time and pray with him.Terry has been with me during the past year and he has taken advantage of those created spaces to get to know God.  In 2016, Terry gave his life to The Lord and is actively embracing this journey of knowing God even more.
I thank God for the many things I learn from these young men.  I frequently realize the magnitude of how much God loves me, in a very tangible way through the lessons I learn from our teenagers.  What a privilege to be a part of a community of young men where I receive abundantly more than I could ever give.
We could benefit from more monthly financial partners being on our team.  Partners who could commit to creating spaces like the one that changed Terry’s life. 

Please consider joining our team, being the hands and feet of Christ in this practical way

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